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World leaders will be gathering at COP 26 in Glasgow this November, and we want them to hear the voices and concerns of our community on the Climate Emergency.


We have been working with residents and Art and Energy CIC to explore our relationship with energy, and its effect on the world around us. We are taking this fantastic partnership to the next level, to create a work of art that will send a message from the South West to decision makers in Scotland, as they meet to discuss how to tackle climate change.

Cop 26

Botanic Gardens

The UN Climate Change Conference, COP 26, is taking place this year and we think it's the perfect opportunity to let World Leaders hear our voices. Throughout 2020 thousands of people will join us building an artwork called Moths to a Flame, which will be installed at the Kibble Palace, at Glasgow's Botanic Gardens during the conference. It will be an immersive visual and audio experience that will symbolise the communities willingness to respond to the climate emergency, our awareness of the consequences of inaction and the importance of individuals coming together to make positive change.

Moths to a Flame

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Our renewable art and light installation Moths to a Flame is an allegory for our behaviour around energy - that we are drawn to it but are being harmed by it.

The installation will feature 2,020 beautiful paper moths, each carrying a personal message urging more action on the climate. The moths have laser cut wooden bodies that represent our native species, and parchment wings decorated in ink and UV paint, revealed under black light.

The moths will be suspended in flight, and when immersed in the hanging moths, recordings of your thoughts on the Climate Emergency will be played.

Digital Whisper

Did you know that the collective noun for moths is a whisper?

While some of the activity for Moths to a Flame is on hold, Art and Energy and PEC are delivering a socially-distanced prelude to the project called 'Digital Whisper.' Throughout the rest of 2020, we invite you to join us in creatively exploring the world of moths in the South West of England.

Check out what's happening below, with further details to be released soon...

  • 'Watch Moth' Events - A series of online events, delivered in collaboration with local moth experts, will be an opportunity to explore and understand the world of moths in Devon a little better. Our family friendly moth online events will run from June-October. Check out the details below!
  • 'The Moth's Whisper' - A fabulous nature story book written by Miranda Barlow, a member of the Art and Energy Collective, is due to be published in August 2020
  • Augmented reality moth colouring sheet - In collaboration with QuiverVision, we are making a colouring sheet that will allow you to design and then bring to life your own moth on your smart device.
  • Activity packs - We'll be making a downloadable moth activity pack for you to use at home, which will have everything from how to make a moth friendly trap, to poetry, to puzzles.

This series of online events, moth observations and making activities, both online and at home, will culminate in an exhibition at Plymouth Art Weekender 25-27 September!

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