About Plymouth Energy Community

We empower our community to create a fair, affordable, zero carbon energy system with local people at its heart.

We are a charity and a social enterprise, with a cooperative ethos.

Our mission

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To increase local ownership and influence over local energy solutions

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To increase community confidence to engage in energy issues

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To enable people to heat and power their homes affordably

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To reduce greenhouse gas emissions

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To ensure these activities benefit the fuel poor and most vulnerable

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We bring local people and organisations together to tackle fuel poverty and the climate crisis.

The Plymouth Energy Community family

Plymouth Energy Community is our over-arching charitable organisation, responsible for most of our day to day activities. It is supported by PEC Renewables and PEC Homes. Click on the links below to view the Boards, governing documents and purpose of each organisation.

Our story & ethos

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It's been quite a journey! Find out where we came from, where we have been & the highlights along the way...

Our story

We share the universal cooperative values and principles.

Our ethos

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