LED Lighting

We can help you save money for your organisation with energy efficient lighting. Plus it's one quick and easy way for you to show you are a responsible business.


LED School

More lights for less cost

  • Twice as efficient as standard room lighting and ten times as efficient as an incandescent or halogen lamp.
  • Save up to 70% on your lighting costs with a typical return on investment as low as 2 years.

Better quality

  • Improved colour and uniformity with a modern, attractive look and intelligent controls.

Longer lasting, saving you hassle and money

  • Reducing carbon emissions, showing that you are an organisation that cares

What we can do

If you are a business or public organisation, we can:

  • Offer you a free lighting survey to identify the financial savings that can be made by switching to energy efficient LED lighting
  • Help you apply for funding to switch
  • Manage the entire installation process for you

How it works

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