There are many different ways that you can donate to help us support our aim. Here are a few ideas, feel free to suggest others!

Ways to donate

  • Donate your venue for our events
  • Donate your time to train our staff
  • Donate your staff time for us to up-skill them in fuel poverty and energy efficiency awareness
  • Donate equipment - lightbulbs/solar panels/white-ware/curtains, whatever you have that you think might help

Financial donations

You can choose to make PEC Trust a charity that you support through fundraising activities or straight financial support.

Donate to us

Here are some examples of what your financial donations could pay for:

  • £1 could pay for a thermometer to show when a room is too cold for good health
  • £49 could pay for emergency fuel vouchers to stop a family being cut off
  • £150 could pay for an energy efficiency workshop at a community centre or special interest group
  • £250 could sponsor a PEC Pal through training
  • £400 could pay for a home visit
  • £500 could pay for a new boiler
  • £500 could pay for a climate action workshop in a local school
  • £1000 could pay for 60 school children to participate in our solar education workshop
  • £1000 could pay for a small community organisation to have a full energy audit and action plan report
  • £10,000 could pay for a solar art installation
  • £100,000 could pay for a small school or community organisation to have solar panels on their roof
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Thank you! Whatever you can donate would be much appreciated, your support will be life-changing in so many ways.

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